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JCP&L Tree Maintenance

Date Published: 02/21/2018

Please be advised: The upcoming JCP&L Tree Maintenance Schedule for February 23, 2018 - March 1, 2018 is available below.  Read more ...

Maintenance, Repair and Construction Work This Week - 2/19-2/23

Date Published: 02/16/2018

Skoda Construction will continue to work in the following areas for the week of 2/19 - 2/23: 
  • 2/19 & 2/20: Church (Between Main & N. Union)
  • 2/19 & 2/20: Concrete Work: Wilson
  • 2/21: Coryell (Between Main & N. Franklin)
  • 2/22: Coryell/Canal
  • 2/23: George (Between Church & York).

NJ Veterans Tax Exemption Information - Hunterdon County Clerk

Date Published: 02/15/2018

New Jersey Veterans - You are eligible for a $3,000 exemption on your Income Tax return if you are a military veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States on or any time before the last day of the tax year. Your spouse (or civil union partner) is also eligible for an exemption if he/she is a veteran who was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances and you are filing a joint return. This exemption is in addition to any other exemptions you are entitled to claim and is available on both the resident and nonresident returns. You cannot claim this exemption for a domestic partner or for your dependents.
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Mayor Del Vecchio on Comcast Newsmakers 2/8/2018

Date Published: 02/14/2018

Mayor Del Vecchio Makes the Case Against the PennEast Pipeline on Comcast's Newsmakers on February 8, 2018. Watch the video by visiting the Comcast Newsmakers Website.

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ Clean Energy Program

Date Published: 02/13/2018

Receive tax-free money to make energy-related improvements for: NJ Residents, Businesses & Government. 

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JCP&L - Lambertville Vegetative Maintenance Program

Date Published: 02/01/2018

JCP&L will commence their four (4) year vegetative maintenance program within Lambertville in approximately on or around February 12, 2018.

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) requires JCP&L to provide notification at least seven (7) days before the work will commence. Residents will receive either a “green” tag or an “orange” tag as notification of the tree maintenance activities on your street. The “green” tag is a general notice that trimming will occur. The “orange” tag is provided to landowners that have a tree that may need to be removed, pruned, or treated.
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Annual Notice of Meetings 2018

Date Published: 01/23/2018

The published list of meetings for The City of Lambertville Governing Body, as well as the City's Boards & Commissions, is available on this page. Meeting agendas and updates will be published in The City of Lambertville Calendar. 

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2018 State of The City Address

Date Published: 01/02/2018

Good afternoon and a happy new year to you all.

I thank you for joining us here for our annual reorganization of the Governing Body as well as the boards and commissions of our City. 

I want to recognize our Council-- Council President Stegman, Councilwoman Asaro, Councilman Sanders, and Councilwoman Warner.  Their strong voices, good ideas, and active cooperation make the work of governing not only productive, but enjoyable—at least most of the time.
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Excerpts from the Board of Fire Commissioners City of Lambertville District #1, Administrative Policy, September 2015.

Commissioners are to be elected by a municipal vote of registered voters within the City of Lambertville. Commissioners are elevated to a three-year-term, with staggered, overlapping set of terms. This thereby creates experience within the positions, and no more that 2 members will be up for election at any one time,. In the event of a resignation, termination, or death of a commissioner, the remaining commissioners, can or may appoint the prior elections loosing candidate, (since that individual has showed a desire to be a commissioner, or appoint a citizen to fulfill the remaining there, or allow the position to remains vacant until the next election.

Meeting Schedule
All regular meetings of the Commissioner shall take place on the third Tuesday of every month at the Union Fire Company, 230 North Main Street, Lambertville, NJ held at 6 PM.

The commission is made up of 5 different commissioners. Each holding the following office:

Chair Person
Responsibilities include running of all meetings, agenda management, Legal liaison.

Vice Chair Person
Responsibilities include assisting the Chair Person, running the meetings in event the Chairperson is unavailable.

Responsibilities include management of all documents related to the Fire Commission, Keeper of the Seal of the Commission, Signatory for all matters concerning the Commission.

Responsibilities include management of all financial matters concerning the Commission

Purchasing Agent
Responsibilities include proper procedural management of all capital and expense procurement for the Commission.

Selection of the positions occurs at the reorganization meeting following an election. The 5 Commissioners decide by majority vote for each of the positions, and each term is for 1 year.

Budgeted Items
The Board of Fire Commissioners shall review the requisitions an approval those that are properly presented and approved by the Board of engineers, subject to the available of funds.

Non-Budgeted Items
The Board of Fire Commissioners shall review the requisition, the reason for the need and the proposed means of funding. The Board shall approve the requisition if it agrees with the Board of Engineers’ means of funding and the need for the item(s), subject to the availability for funds.

Emergency Requisitions
An emergency requisition shall be used to procure repair services and/or replacement equipment required to return inoperable or out-of-service apparatus to service.

If the cost exceeds $1,000 or 50% of the remaining funds in the appropriate budget line item for the expense, the equipment officer shall request verbal approval of the requisition from the Board of Fire Commissioners by contacting the Chairman of the Commission, or in his absence, the Vice Chairman, who will contact the other commissioners for approval. After the equipment officer has received verbal approval from the Commission, he/she may order the equipment, material or service.
The Local Economic Assistance Board serves as a liaison for residents with public assistance programs at the county and state level. The Director holds regular office hours at City Hall to meet with individuals on a case-by-case basis to identify proper programs for which they may qualify.

Hunterdon County Department of Human Services Division of Social Services

The Division provides information and referral, advocacy and crisis intervention services to residents based on financial eligibility and the availability of funding. For a complete listing of programs and assistance provided by the county, please click here.

Special Fund for Persons with a Permanent Disability

This fund is for the purchasing of non-food items necessary to address basic needs, not available from other sources, and related to a disability. There is a $500 calendar year maximum.

Senior Citizen Emergency Program

The Division receives funding from the Hunterdon County Division of Senior Services to assist seniors with emergencies related to housing, medical care and transportation.

Temporary Emergency Medication Program (TEMP)

County funded program to provide temporary emergency medications for qualified individuals.

Work First NJ/Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (WFNJ/TANF) 

WFNJ/TANF temporary financial assistance is provided on a temporary basis to parent(s) with eligible child(ren) while the individual(s) seek economic self-sufficiency.

TANF is limited to a lifetime maximum of 60 cumulative months. To assist families with the transition to employment, the following supportive services are available:
  • Child Care Services
  • 24 month Medicaid Extension
  • Payment of Certain Work Expenses
  • Supplemental Work Support Program
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Federal/State Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Child Support Services
  • Career Advancement Voucher Program
  • Early Employment Initiative (EEI)
  • Paycheck Plus
  • TANF Initiative For Parents (TIP)

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Lambertville continues to lead the way on protecting the environment, setting an example for other cities and towns through effective ways to forge a green future. The Environmental Commission is integral to these efforts, providing innovative, cutting-edge recommendations to the Mayor and Council and educating the public about the environmental challenges facing the City. 

The Environmental Commission, for example, was the driving force behind the City Third Can Recycling Program, targeted at the 15% of the waste stream that is comprised of food waste and organic material. This program now includes many city restaurants and Lambertville Public School, along with a growing number of residents. Taken together with the City’s single-stream recycling program, more than 1,000 tons of recyclable materials are removed from the waste stream each year. 

Additionally, the Environmental Commission was essential to the adoption of a dedicated Open Space Fund that has enabled the City to purchase and protect its natural beauty and its environmentally-sensitive areas as well as maintain and upgrade its parks and hiking trails. 

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month beginning at 7:00 PM at the Phillip L. Pittore Justice Center, 25 South Union Street, Lambertville. For more information contact Cynthia Jahn and 908-892- 4503

Storm Water

In 2005, Lambertville was the first municipality in the County to prepare and adopt a Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (MSWMP). The City also adopted an enforcement ordinance and mitigation plan. The goals of the MSWMP include reducing flood damage, minimizing increases in stormwater runoff from new development, reducing soil erosion, assuring the adequacy of culverts and bridges, maintaining groundwater recharge, preventing an increase in non-point source pollution, maintaining the integrity of stream channels, minimizing pollutants in stormwater runoff, and protecting public safety through proper design and operation of stormwater basins. 
To view the plan click here: Stormwater Management Plan(19.49 MB)

PROTECTING OUR WATER SUPPLIES - Easy Things You Can Do Every Day to Protect Our Drinking Water 
A Guide to Healthy Habits for Cleaner Water 
Pollution on streets, parking lots and lawns is washed by rain into storm drains, then directly to our drinking water supplies and the rivers, lakes and the ocean our children play in. Fertilizer, oil, pesticides, detergents, pet waste, and grass clippings: You name it and it ends up in our water. 

Stormwater pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to clean and plentiful water, and that’s why we’re all doing something about it. 

By sharing the responsibility and making small, easy changes to our daily lives, we can keep common pollutants out of Stormwater. It all adds up to cleaner water, and it saves the high cost of cleaning up once it’s contaminated. 

Keep pollutants out of storm drains 
Do not dump anything onto the streets, storm drains into the canal. This water is not treated prior to release into the Delaware River. The imprinted fish and labels on the storm drains remind us all that our storm drains lead directly to our river and negatively affect our drinking water. 

Inspect your septic system 
Annually inspect and pump your septic tank out every 3-5 years depending on use. An improperly working septic system can contaminate your water supply, your neighborhood ground water supply and create public health problems. Avoid adding unnecessary grease, household hazardous waste products and solids to the septic system. 

Underground Oil Tanks 
Many residents of New Jersey use underground storage tanks to store heating oil. Although residential underground storage tanks containing heating oil are unregulated by federal and state laws, these tanks are a potential source of ground and surface water pollution. Home heating oil contains several substances that are known carcinogens. *NJDEP 

Replace in ground tanks with an above ground tank. This could prevent a large environmental problem, costly clean ups and delay in future real estate transaction. 

Limit your use of fertilizers and pesticides 
Avoid over use of fertilizers or applying fertilizers before a heavy storm. Fertilizers run into the Stormwater; drain into our streams, rivers, water supplies. Fertilizers contain nitrates and phosphates that, in abundance, cause blooms of algae and reduced oxygen levels that can lead to fish kills. Be aware of the accumulation of chemicals resulting from multiple residents treating lawns/landscaping. 

Use alternative pesticides whenever possible. Heavy rains carry pesticides to our water supplies. Many household products made to exterminate pests are also toxic to humans, animals, aquatic organisms and plants. If you do use a pesticide, follow the directions carefully. 

Wash your car only when necessary
Consider using a commercial car wash that recycles its wash water. Many car detergents contain phosphate. If you wash your car at home, use a non-phosphate detergent. 

Clean up after your pet
Use newspaper, bags or pooper-scoopers to pick up wastes. Dispose of the wrapped pet waste in the trash or unwrapped in a toilet. 

Never discard pet waste in a storm drain. 

The Board of the Lambertville Free and Public Library oversees the operations and programs of the library to maintain its accessibility to all residents and its place in the City’s cultural heritage.

The Cable Television Advisory Committee oversees the franchise renewal process for cable television providers that wish to serve the City and its residents. The Committee monitors compliance with franchise agreements, assists the Mayor and City Council to adjudicate any difference on cable television issues.

The Committee consists of five residents appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council. The members serve five-year terms.

Below is an excerpt of the ordinance (Ord. No. 2010-05 §15). For the complete ordinance click Coded Systems and type “cable advisory” into the “Quick Search” box.


a.     The Company will provide one channel for governmental access use (sometimes, hereinafter, the "Governmental Access Channel"). Governmental access programming shall be provided by the governing bodies of the City of Lambertville, West Amwell Township, the Borough of Stockton, and Delaware Township (hereinafter, collectively, the "Municipalities"). Unused capacity may be utilized by the Company subject to the provisions for "fallow time" below. Comcast shall activate the government channel within six (6) months of a written request by the Municipality. The request for activation shall not occur prior to receipt of the Certificate of Approval from the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

             The Company shall construct a dedicated fiber optic return line to the City Municipal Building at 18 York Street in Lambertville and the Justice Center, 25 South Union Street, Lambertville for cable casting live and/or recorded programming on the Government access channel. The Company will also provide a switching device for use by the Municipality to change broadcast location between the York Street and Union Street locations during emergencies. The Company will not be responsible for providing or for the maintenance of any studio equipment used for the access channel, including but not limited to cameras, editing decks, monitors, character generators, etc.

To continue reading, visit Coded Systems and type “cable advisory” into the “Quick Search” box.