Excerpts from the Board of Fire Commissioners City of Lambertville District #1, Administrative Policy, September 2015.

Commissioners are to be elected by a municipal vote of registered voters within the City of Lambertville. Commissioners are elevated to a three-year-term, with staggered, overlapping set of terms. This thereby creates experience within the positions, and no more that 2 members will be up for election at any one time,. In the event of a resignation, termination, or death of a commissioner, the remaining commissioners, can or may appoint the prior elections loosing candidate, (since that individual has showed a desire to be a commissioner, or appoint a citizen to fulfill the remaining there, or allow the position to remains vacant until the next election.

Meeting Schedule
All regular meetings of the Commissioner shall take place on the third Tuesday of every month at the Union Fire Company, 230 North Main Street, Lambertville, NJ held at 6 PM.

The commission is made up of 5 different commissioners. Each holding the following office:

Chair Person
Responsibilities include running of all meetings, agenda management, Legal liaison.

Vice Chair Person
Responsibilities include assisting the Chair Person, running the meetings in event the Chairperson is unavailable.

Responsibilities include management of all documents related to the Fire Commission, Keeper of the Seal of the Commission, Signatory for all matters concerning the Commission.

Responsibilities include management of all financial matters concerning the Commission

Purchasing Agent
Responsibilities include proper procedural management of all capital and expense procurement for the Commission.

Selection of the positions occurs at the reorganization meeting following an election. The 5 Commissioners decide by majority vote for each of the positions, and each term is for 1 year.

Budgeted Items
The Board of Fire Commissioners shall review the requisitions an approval those that are properly presented and approved by the Board of engineers, subject to the available of funds.

Non-Budgeted Items
The Board of Fire Commissioners shall review the requisition, the reason for the need and the proposed means of funding. The Board shall approve the requisition if it agrees with the Board of Engineers’ means of funding and the need for the item(s), subject to the availability for funds.

Emergency Requisitions
An emergency requisition shall be used to procure repair services and/or replacement equipment required to return inoperable or out-of-service apparatus to service.

If the cost exceeds $1,000 or 50% of the remaining funds in the appropriate budget line item for the expense, the equipment officer shall request verbal approval of the requisition from the Board of Fire Commissioners by contacting the Chairman of the Commission, or in his absence, the Vice Chairman, who will contact the other commissioners for approval. After the equipment officer has received verbal approval from the Commission, he/she may order the equipment, material or service.