The Lambertville Office of Emergency Management (OEM) ensures City’s readiness during natural disasters and other emergency situations that threaten the overall public safety of residents and property. The Office of Emergency Management brings together all functions of City government to ensure timely response and dissemination of information during emergencies. During extreme weather, including the possible Delaware River flooding, the City’s OEM provides detailed, City specific updates by disseminating information provided by the City of Lambertville, Hunterdon County, the State of New Jersey and Federal levels of government. To Keep Informed and to sign up for emergency notifications, please click here.

 Members by Ordinance
David M. DelVecchio 
(609) 397-0110

Public Works Director 
Lester E. Myers, Jr. 
(609) 397-2230

City Clerk 
Cynthia L. Ege 
(609) 397-0110

Police Director 
Bruce Cocuzza 
(609) 397-3132

Construction Official 
Kenneth Rogers 
(609) 397-0803

Lambertville Fire Dept. 
Acting Fire Chief 
Michael Barlow

LNHRS Chief 
Jason Strauss 
(609) 397-0945

LMUA, Ex. Dir. 
Thomas Horn 
(609) 397-1496

Lambertville Public School 
Wanda Quinones 
(609) 397-0189

Jennifer MacKnight 
(609) 397-2060

United Water 
Dave Fournier 
(609) 397-0501
 Appointed Members
Maureen Bently 
Mary Freedman 
John Miller

David K. Burd 
Richard Freedman 
David Morgan
Julie Burd 
Bruce Harris 
Kari Osmond
Edie Brower
Michelle F. Harris
Alex Palilonis
Chuck Chamberlen
L. M. Cinda-Harris
Barbara Parsons
Paul A. Cronce
Donald Hart
Bill Pisarra
Bryan Conner
Mark Hilton
Leslie Ramee
Scott Elliott
Chris Kascik
Craig Reading
Jennifer Fernandez
Aladar Komjathy
Jeff Schermerhorn
Raymond Force
Helen “Bambi” Kuhl
John Weber
Cathy Force
Sally Lelie
Gene Venettone