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PICK-UP DAYS: The City of Lambertville is divided into four zones for the trash and recycling collection.

ZONE ONE, TUESDAY PICK-UP: Begins at Church Street and goes south to Route 29, includes Bridge Street, Ferry Street, Swan Street, Mount Hope Street and Canal Street. It also includes Curley Lane, Grants Alley and Washington Street.

ZONE TWO, WEDNESDAY PICK-UP: Includes Cottage Hill, Connaught Hill and Music Mountain.

ZONE THREE, THURSDAY PICK-UP: Begins at Church Street, runs north to Delaware Avenue.

ZONE FOUR, FRIDAY PICK-UP: Begins the north side of Delaware Avenue, runs north to Cherry Street, and includes Lamberts Hill and Blair Tract.

GARBAGE: The City allows each household a maximum of four bags or containers per week. Each bag or container must weigh less than 40 pounds. Residents may obtain a permit for a fee from City Hall for the collection and disposal of extra bags or containers, furniture, and other large items. Any questions may be directed to Acting Public Works Director Lester Myers at 397-2230 or City Hall at 397-0110.  Do not include concrete, grass, weeds, or branches or e-waste with trash.  These may be taken to the Recycling Center, located on Quarry Street, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 3 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to noon. Please note our summer hours: 7 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.

BULK RATE GARBAGE PERMITS: Residents can purchase Bulk Rate Garbage Permits for extra trash at the Clerk’s office.  The City of Lambertville can no longer accept electronics (televisions, microwaves, computer screens) in the trash. You can take them to the Public Works Yard for recycling.  We have partnered with Goodwill to collect all recycling electronics, which includes televisions, microwaves, radios and computers.

New Fees for Bulk Rate Garbage Permits were adopted at the January 19, 2016 Session of the Governing Body. They are as follows:




Bags for Chairs, Couches, Love Seats and Mattresses


Bath Tub


Bed Frame










Door – Hollow Core


Door – Wooden






Entertainment Center


Extra Bags (each bag)


Grill Without Gas Tank




Hopper Load


Love Seat


Mattress or Box Spring












Smaller Than 9x12


9x12 or larger


Shed – Aluminum


Shed – Wooden








Various Metals


Various Wood




Water Heater


MEDICINE DROP: The Lambertville City Police Department has become the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs’ newest partner in the Project Medicine Drop unused or expired medication disposal program. Both residents and non-residents may now dispose of medications anonymously, seven days a week, 365 days a year, at the new drop box in the lobby of Police Headquarters located at 349 North Main Street, Lambertville. The drop box is accessible weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. At all other times people wishing to dispose of medications will be provided access by reaching an officer via the call box located next to the entrance door to headquarters.

“The importance of this resource cannot be overstated as prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic in this country that results in an estimated 15,000 deaths annually,” Police Director Bruce Cocuzza said. The DEA has reported that prescription drugs, including opioids and antidepressants, account for more overdose deaths than illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.  The program provides a safe, secure and convenient way to dispose of prescription drugs that also helps to prevent addiction, harmful overdoses or accidental death.

Mayor DelVecchio added “We have received many inquiries from people wishing to dispose of unused or expired medications in a way that is both environmentally safe and ensures that the drugs will not get into the wrong hands. This program will absolutely accomplish those goals.”

City Councilman Wardell Sanders said, “Medicines that languish in home medicine cabinets are highly susceptible to theft and misuse.   Even if we keep only a few pills from ending up at pill parties or in our waterways, this effort will have served a valuable purpose.” 

The Project Medicine Drop program, introduced in 2011, is fashioned after the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s “National Take Back Initiative,” an annual campaign that offers medication disposal to the public on selected dates each year.  

PUT A LID ON IT:  The City of Lambertville adopted an Ordinance requiring lids on all garbage and recycling cans. This will help to prevent the liquid build up from spilling onto the street. Help us keep our community clean! Thank you!

SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING: We ask that you mark your recycling containers and garbage cans so that it is easy for our Public Works Department to collect and prevents recycling from going into the trash.  Please do not place your recyclables in plastic bags.  Recycling volume is not limited. 

SPARKLE WEEK: The City of Lambertville is very supportive of green initiatives and is proud to sponsor what has become a community event -- Sparkle Week, where one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.   Details will be available about Sparkle Week by late winter/early spring.

Questions about the City of Lambertville? Please call the Clerk's Office at 609-397-0110!


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