There are number of measures that can reduce flood damage to a property or building:

  • Mark your fuse or breaker box to show the circuits to the floodprone areas. Turning off power prior to flooding can reduce property damage and save lives.

  • Consider elevating your home above flood levels.

  • Elevate or protect your HVAC unit, ductwork, or plumbing.  The savings could be significant if you consider that the unit would not have to be cleaned or replaced after the next flood.

  • Check your structure for water entry points. These can be basement windows, doors, or dryer vents. These openings can be protected with low walls or temporary shields to be installed before rainfall and flood events. Certain areas of your house may be more appropriate for storage or placement of your home equipment and personal items.  Elevate equipment (washing machines and dryers) and stored household items.

  • Install a floor drain plug, standpipe, overhead sewer, or sewer check valve to prevent sewer backup flooding.Loss of power may mean that your sump pump will not function when most needed.  Consider purchasing a battery backup.  Or if connected to public water, consider a water powered sump pump backup that supersede the need for electricity.

Note that some flood protection measures may need a building permit and others may not be safe for your building, so be sure to contact the Lambertville City Construction Office at (609) 397-0803 before beginning retrofit projects.