Flooding is a natural and inevitable process, but simple actions can reduce the safety risk for yourself and the community.

  • Do not drive through a flooded area – A significant number of flood related fatalities occur from individuals attempting to drive in a flooded area.

  • Do not walk through flowing water – Flood waters may have deceiving undercurrents.  Six inches of water may knock you off your feet.  Low areas may be concealed by floodwater.

  • Stay away from power lines and electrical wires – Electrocution is the 2nd leading cause of death during floods.  Turn off power at the service box prior to flooding if possible.  Water can carry electric current.

  • Be alert to gas leaks – If you smell gas, report it immediately to your gas company and call 9-1-1 for assistance from the Lambertville Fire Department.

  • Keep children away from the flood water, ditches, culverts and storm drains – Flood waters travel at a velocity greater than children may be able to see or understand.

  • Clean everything that has been wet – Flood waters can contain raw waste, chemicals, bacteria.  It is important to disinfect all salvageable possessions that were inundated with floodwaters.

  • Look out for animals – Flood waters can displace habitat and many animals may take refuge in your home, car, or other structures.

  • Do not use gas engines, such as generators, or charcoal fires indoors during power outages – Carbon monoxide gas exhaust can pose serious health hazards and an indoor open fire can ignite many household materials.