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Earth Month

Earth Month Flyer

All of the activities and challenges can earn you points and badges throughout the month! To participate and see all of the activities, log in or sign up here here for Beanstack through the Lambertville Library - it's free, and you don't need a library card to play! 

Saturday 4/10 at 10am The Natural Web: Who Needs Plants? 
Description: What benefits do plants offer humans in terms of food, medicine, and building materials? How do plants support the animal species with which they coexist, and what benefit do animals provide to plants in return? We’ll look at some specific plant species to understand their importance to all forms of life, from people, to insects, birds, mammals, and even fungi.

This event is co-sponsored by Lambertville Goes Wild, the Environmental Commission, the Library and the Parks & Rec Commission.

Speaker Bio: Mary Anne Borge is the Editor of Butterfly Gardener magazine, the team leader of Lambertville Goes Wild, a naturalist and instructor at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve, and a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist. She is the photographer and author of The Natural Web: https://the-natural-web.org/

Wednesday April 14 at 6pm Recycling & You
Description: Join Liz Magill Peer, Chair of the Lambertville Environmental Commission and Gary Sondermeyer from Bayshore Recycling for a discussion of what you need to know about recycling in NJ, how you can be a better recycler and tips for minimizing disposables in your home. 

Speaker Bio: Liz Magill Peer, is an enthusiastic Environmental Activist and Lambertville local. As the current Chair of the Lambertville Environmental Commission, Liz has worked tirelessly to promote sustainable living choices to community members. For the past few years, Liz has focused much of her energy on reducing single-use plastics and advocating for various environmental justice issues throughout the area.

Gary Sondermeyer is Vice President of Operations for the Bayshore Family of Companies of Woodbridge Township, NJ.  Bayshore is one of NJ’s largest recyclers, managing 9 separate recycling operations on its 58 acre campus. Gary assists in the management of facility-wide operations toward the corporate vision of running 100% green businesses powered 100% by renewable energy.

Thursday 4/22 at 7pm Cultivating Respect for Insects: The Ecosystem Services Insects Provide
Description: Simply put:  all life on earth depends on insects, for more reasons than most people realize. This talk will explore some of the immeasurably important ways that insects keep ecosystems functioning.  Nutrient recycling, pollination services, and interactions with other creatures will be reviewed.  Lastly, there will be a discussion of the ways in which we can conserve much needed insect diversity in our own yards. 
Speaker Bio: Dr. Daniel P. Duran is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science at Rowan University, and the Naturalist for Scotland Run Park at the edge of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.  Dr. Duran has described ten new species of insects previously unknown to science.  He received a B.S. in Environmental Science from Stockton University, an M.S. in Entomology from University of Missouri, and a Ph.D. in Evolution and Ecology from Vanderbilt University in 2010.  He has also worked for the Natural History Museum in London, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Dr. Duran is a co-author of the book "A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and Canada, 2nd Edition".
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