On this page, you can find all of the updates as the City moves through its new budget process for 2020. We suggest bookmarking this page and coming back to find new updates.

-- October 2nd Update -- 

Would you like to learn more about the City's finances and new budget process? 

Please join Mayor Fahl and other interested and engaged Lambertville residents to learn about the City's new budget process, ask questions about the City's finances, and find ways to get more involved as important changes take place in how the City's budget works.

The dates and locations are below. If you can't make any of the dates, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mayor Fahl at [email protected] to find offices hours, setup a one-on-one meeting or learn more. More dates may be added so check back on this page as well.

  • Budget Talks: Monday, October 28th 6:30 p.m. at 208 Holcombe Way. Please reply to Barbara Coe [email protected]
  • Budget Talks: Wednesday, October 16th 6:30 p.m. at 10 Hillside Court. Please RSVP to Kelly Kappler at [email protected] 
  • Budget Talks: Friday, October 25th at 6:30 p.m. at 65 South Main Street. Please RSVP to Megan Ruf [email protected]

Don't forget to check out the resources below if you want to learn more!

-- August 12th Update -- 

Thank you for taking some time to learn about the City's budget and new budget process! Below, you can first find a summary video prepared by Mayor Fahl and the City's Business Administrator as they walk you through an overview of why this process is so crucial, some important facts and figures, and where we go from here.

Below, you can find a link to the full presentation that was given at the August 6th meeting of the Governing Body. 

Download PDF

-- August 6th Update --

You can view an (anticipated) timeline of steps of here:

Early August 2019

Governing Body goal setting process - workshop where Governing Body sets goals/priorities for the coming year

Early August 2019

Departments and Commissions are briefed on new budget process and provided summary sheet of the timeline and steps for new process

September 2019

Capital planning (for six years) performed, including facility reviews, vehicle inventories, infrastructure evaluation, etc

Mid October 2019

All operating and capital requests due from Departments and Commissions

Mid/Late October 2019

Administration discusses and finalizes requests with Departments and Commissions

End of October 2019

Mayor and Administrator finalize requests for Governing Body

November 2019

One or two public budget workshops held (Approx 2-3 hours of time total), where departments and commissions present “year in review” as well as operating and capital requests 

December 2019

Feedback (from governing and/or public) from budget workshops taken back and Administrator and Mayor finalize anticipated 2020 budget introduction 

January/February 2020

Budget is reviewed by Financial Team, and ready for introduction as soon as state/county/etc numbers become available 

Late February/Early March 2020

In three sequential governing body meetings:

  • Municipal Budget Discussion 

  • Municipal Budget First Reading/Introduction (and explanation)

  • Municipal Budget Public Hearing and Second Reading/ Adoption

End of March 2020/Early April

2020 Municipal Budget Adopted 

Early April 2020

Bond ordinance for 2020 capital items introduced/adopted 

April 2020

2020 Capital spending, road resurfacing, etc will begin process

Lambertville announces new drop-off single-use plastic recycling stations!

In a partnership with Trex, the City of Lambertville is now accepting a number of one-time use plastics that can be turned in and recycled, helping to keep plastic out of landfills and waterways. These recycled items get processed and turned into long-lasting recycled outdoor furniture that Trex sells. If we collect enough bags over the next six months, the City can even earn a free recycled Trex bench! Remember, these items can only be dropped off at the locations below, plastic bags can never be placed in your recycling bins.

Learn about this new program: 

Learn where you can drop them off: 

Julia Taylor was appointed to fill an open City Council seat in November 2018 and will be running for a full term in 2019. She has lived in Lambertville since 2006 and grew up just across the river in New Hope. 

Prior to serving on Council, Julia served on the Environmental Commission for nine years and was chairperson for two of those years. As part of the Environmental Commission, she was instrumental in organizing a citywide visioning process that resulted in conceptual plans for the future park at the corner of Cherry and North Union Streets and in developing our Third Can Program. Julia was also a founding member of an environmental group called SEE Lambertville (standing for Society, Environment, Economy) that raised funds for and constructed the Lambertville Learning Garden at LPS, successfully encouraged area restaurants to offer more locally produced foods, and hosted several environmental education events.

A city planner by training, Julia is currently the Senior Director of Programs & Partnerships with the Trenton Health Team, where she fosters collaborative efforts to ensure the long-term health and prosperity of Trenton's residents and neighborhoods. Prior to joining THT, for more than a decade Julia lead large-scale community development initiatives in Trenton as Managing Director of Community Planning & Development and Deputy Operations Officer at Isles, Inc. Julia earned a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in history from Princeton University.

Julie Taylor

Email Councilwoman Taylor
1. Persons other than Councilmembers may be permitted to address the Council in the proper order of business. A person present may, upon recognition by the chair, be heard in the order of petitions of citizenry and public discussion. A person present may, upon recognition by the chair and with the consent of a majority of the Councilmembers present, be heard at any other time. No person shall address any remark or question to any specific Councilmember nor to any other person present except by permission of the majority of the Council. A Councilmember may, through the chair, respond to any communication or address received pursuant to this section.

2. Except upon consent of the Council, each person addressing the Council pursuant to this section shall be required to limit his remarks to five (5) minutes and shall at no time engage in any personally offensive or abusive remarks. The chair shall call any speaker to order who violates any provision of this rule.