Public Note for the solicitation of professional service contracts for Affordable Housing Administrative Agent for the period of July 1st 2020 through June 30th 2025

Notice is hereby given that sealed submissions will be received by the Business Administrator, or designated representative, for the City of Lambertville, on or before Wednesday July 15th at noon, City Hall, 18 York Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530 (Safety restrictions may be in place, please call ahead for instructions) then publicly opened and read aloud for the following:

  • ZONE ONE, TUESDAY PICK-UP – AUGUST 4. Begins at Church Street and goes south to Route 29, includes Bridge Street, Ferry Street, Swan Street, Mount Hope Street and Canal Street. It also includes Curley Lane, Grants Alley and Washington Street.
  • ZONE TWO, WEDNESDAY PICK-UP – AUGUST 5. Includes Cottage Hill, Connaught Hill and Music Mountain.
  • ZONE THREE, THURSDAY PICK-UP –AUGUST 13. Begins at Church Street, runs north to Delaware Avenue.
  • ZONE FOUR, FRIDAY PICK-UP – AUGUST 14. Begins the north side of Delaware Avenue, runs north to Cherry Street, and includes Lamberts Hill and Blair Tract.
If you have any questions, please let me know 609-397-0110 ex 12
Anticipating an influx of visitors and tourism this weekend, the City is taking the following actions outlined in this post to help ensure our businesses can take advantage of much needed new customers, but do so in a way that establishes safe operations that will protect them, our residents, and visitors. These actions are part of a series of policies being tested to ensure that the City and relevant stakeholders have vetted and tested plans that will allow Lambertville to have safe summer months in our downtown.

Sewer sump pump inspections shall resume the week of Monday, July 6th . Inspections shall be coordinated and conducted with a realtor and/or lock box shall be used when available. Only one inspection may be scheduled per day.

Contact: Alex Torpey, Business Administrator, 
City of Lambertville, [email protected], 609-397-0110

City of Lambertville Continuing to Hold Virtual Roundtable Discussions as part of planning for potential re-openings

May 14th 2020 

Lambertville, NJ – City of Lambertville officials are holding additional virtual business roundtables on May 14th and May 16th as part of a strategic plan to prepare for the potential reopening of businesses over the spring and summer. Although local stakeholders have been working together on all of the challenges of the last few months, over the last few weeks attention has turned to what proactively should be done to prepare for potential re-openings and the influx of summer tourism to Lambertville.

City officials have begun working alongside local businesses and other stakeholders to ensure that all possible details are thought through and adequate preparations are made. The goal is to allow the downtown to be the incredible destination it usually is - moving forward in a way that helps bring some business back to the downtown, while keeping visitors, business owners, and the entire community safe. The first virtual business roundtable was hosted by Lambertville on May 9th, and feedback from these have already begun to be integrated into the City’s plans.