Join the community of Lambertville and our friends from neighboring communities along a 2,000 foot long table for a free dinner beginning at 5:00 PM on Sunday August 13.   

It is an opportunity to come together for an enjoyable evening of conversation over a three course dinner right on scenic Union Street. 

Dawn has selected the City to do the event, will of course take care of cleaning the dishes, and is picking up all the costs.   

The event will help boost our local businesses and tourism, through the national exposure we receive. For example, it will be shared with Dawn’s more than 1 million followers on social media.  

In addition to all direct event costs, Dawn is picking up any additional costs to the City stemming from the event. Event coordinators are proactively reaching out to local businesses to share information. 

To learn more, visit   

You can register for the event on the site beginning this Friday, July 14th.

Dawntown dinner flyer - see below and above for details