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Environmental commission Information

Lambertville continues to lead the way on protecting the environment, setting an example for other cities and towns through effective ways to forge a green future. The Environmental Commission is integral to these efforts, providing innovative, cutting-edge recommendations to the Mayor and Council and educating the public about the environmental challenges facing the City. 

The Environmental Commission was essential to the adoption of a dedicated Open Space Fund that has enabled the City to purchase and protect its natural beauty and its environmentally-sensitive areas as well as maintain and upgrade its parks and hiking trails.

Additionally, the Commission sponsored the Lambertville Creek Cleanup Day, whihc cleared more than 6,000 pounds of garbage and debris from our watershed areas that were caused by Hurricane Ida.


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The New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry was created to recognize and promote sustainable businesses, nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions across the state. The Registry is open to companies of all types and there is no cost to join. The Lambertville Green Business Registry utilizes the state application and each year more businesses in the City “go green.”

The Lambertville Environmental Commission is in full support of any local business owner who wants to pursue their Sustainable Business Registration. Volunteers are available to help you through the application process!

Join the New Jersey Sustainable Business Registry to demonstrate your commitment to a strong, proactive approach to environmental management.

Learn more about the Lambertville Green Business Certification!