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Walking Directions

Lambertville is an old City and can be tricky to navigate on foot. For your safety, please keep to the sidewalks, be mindful of one-way street directions, and cross only at designated crosswalks.

Site One: Walk along the footpath between Swan Creek and the Justice Center Lot to the D&R canal towpath.

Sites Two and Three: These sites can be viewed in the area of the Pittore Justice Center (the ACME) and the S. Union Street bridge over Swan creek.

Site Four: Cross the bridge over Swan creek and turn left on Swan Street. Take your first left on to S. Main Street and you’ll find Site Four at the Hibernia Fire House.

Site Five: Proceed back to Swan Street and turn left. Proceed to the pedestrian crossing at Route 165. Please wait for the crossing signal; this is a very busy state road. Once across Route 165, turn left on S. Franklin Street and proceed over the old county bridge (circa 1872). At next the intersection, cross Brunswick Ave (Route 518) at the crosswalk and proceed up Quarry Street. Site Five will be indicated by a sign mounted on a telephone pole a hundred yards up the street.

Site Six: Continue along Quarry Street for fifty feet and turn right on Curley Lane. Cross the small bridge and look for a sign on your left indicating Site Six.

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