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Municipal Assistance Program (MAP)

This page contains information regarding Lambertville’s participation in the Resilient NJ: Municipal Assistance Program, or MAP. Over the course of the next year, the fully funded grant program will:

  • Enhance the community’s understanding of climate change impacts based on best available climate change data and scientific information
  • Identify and address gaps in resilience planning, including but not limited to increased temperatures (extreme heat), severe storm events, drought, wildlife, flooding, sea-level rise, increased precipitation, and hurricanes
  • Effectuate a robust outreach and engagement strategy to ensure that the community guides the process and planning, and collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Reach underserved populations and ensure representation and participation from socially vulnerable populations and overburdened communities, and address their needs and risks
  • Develop innovative strategies, design standards, and solutions to climate change that reduce risk and increase the community’s overall resilience in the short-, mid-, and long-term that can be implemented at the municipal level
  • Enhance the value and integrity of ecological, economic, recreational, and natural resources through the prioritization of nature-based solutions and green infrastructure
  • Support development of regional and municipal resilience action plans to further resilience efforts, build capacity, and increase possible funding opportunities
  • Assist municipalities in developing a climate change-related hazard vulnerability assessment (CCRHVA) that meets the requirements of the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL)